The Advance Group consists of five integrated and centrally managed business units:

Office Moving

Few companies can manage major commercial moves on the scale that The Advance Group manages each and every day. Over the last several years alone, we have completed major relocations for many well-known Fortune 500 corporations, large not-for-profits, and governmental agencies. Many of our projects are very complex and require extensive planning and close coordination with clients, many of who have come to rely on The Advance Group’s time-tested and dependable services. Through Mayflower Transit, The Advance Group manages interstate and international projects.

Furniture Installation

The Advance Group is a leading provider of office furniture delivery and installation services, asset liquidation, and warehouse andasset management. We provide competitively priced solutions using the industry’s largest and most experienced team. Specialty services include architectural wall installation and office reconfiguration. We are the largest carpenter furniture installation and warehousing organization in the New York metropolitan area.


Distribution and logistics involve a complex array of services revolving around the receipt and delivery of products. Increasingly, large and sophisticated companies use The Advance Group to assume total logistical responsibilities. To maximize value, we are also capable of recycling, reselling, or refurbishing your product.
Only large, integrated service companies can handle distribution and logistical complexity. The Advance Group is fully capable of managing this complexity, including those requiring interstate moves and vast storage capability.


Storage consists of three functions: the physical process of warehousing and delivering assets, managing client assets that remain in client facilities, and managing assets that remain in The Advance Group facilities. All functions are detail-intensive and are administered by experienced and highly trained individuals. The Advance Group has all the comprehensive resources to protect your assets and to manage them to ensure maximum cost savings where possible.

Document Management

As business complexity and legal compliance requirements become more demanding, document management becomes more vital to business success. The Advance Group provides a comprehensive service to satisfy these growing demands.
The Advance Group is a full service document management company. Our newest services include record compliance consulting and digital scanning.
The Advance Group is committed to providing a secure document environment that maintains vital business materials and makes them accessible when your operation needs them at any time.