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The podcast Moving Into the Future takes a deep dive into technology innovations and strategic planning for successful commercial moving. Hosted by Jack Macejka of The Advance Group, New York’s largest office moving, storage and furniture installation company, episodes will cover professional experiences, technology advancements, adjusting to the current economic climate, and behind the scenes looks at some the most interesting and challenging moves.

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Reconfiguring the Office: Hoteling, Pop Ups and Other Strategies Companies Are Using

In this episode of Moving Into the Future with Jack Macejka of The Advance Group, New York’s largest office moving company, we discuss the businesses that are not fleeing big cities and how they are reconfiguring office space. What do you do if your company is not moving, but yet you need to accommodate social distancing and account for employees who continue to work from home? Jack covers reconfiguring the office space, the concept of office hoteling, and how to manage the complicated world of what the office will look like as we emerge from the pandemic. How to ease the transition from working from home to returning to the office. What do you do with small conference rooms. Can you still have shared lounge space. What are other companies doing to inspire and motivate their employees to go back to commuting to their office.
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Jack has spent his career in the moving, furniture installation, logistics and warehousing industries. He has held various unique roles allowing him to develop invaluable knowledge that he provides his clients at The Advance Group. Jack has handled moves all over Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo, as well as all over the United States. He has helped countless clients throughout their various moves, whether local or long distance, residential or commercial, big or small, Jack has made it his mission to simplify the process as best as he can.

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