pedro lozada

Pedro Lozada

Project Manager

A recent addition to The Advance Group, Mr. Lozada worked assisting project managers, and quickly became one himself. He brings to his position a varied knowledge base and extensive organizational skills. With his business background and strength in communication, Pedro ensures that each job is done to perfection.

Before joining The Advance Group Team, Mr. Lozada was a successful office manager for Finlay Fine Jewelry Enterprises. He held the position for seventeen years, before the company went bankrupt. His responsibilities included expense control, nationwide vendor communications, loss prevention and negotiation on supplies and services. He also possesses five years of industrial engineering education which further enhances his work at The Advance Group.

Mr. Lozada’s projects have included JP Morgan Chase; he has assisted with Progressive Insurance, Columbian University, Lincoln Center, Gap Stores and Bronx Lebanon Hospital.